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Contract management 

„Avoid supplements and additional costs“

As a result of the always rising pressure to succeed in the market, to build even more economically in even shorter time, the conflict potential rises unintended even at the beginning of the project.
Careless prepared and above all unprofessional contracts as well as lacking time with the negotiation of the contracts, are the reasons for potential disagreements with unpredictable sequences. Concerning this already in the approach of a project we take over the complete and careful contract preparation. We develop for every project in narrow collaboration with you or from ourselves recommended lawyers, a complete contract what takes into consideration especially all specific features of your project. Here we can fall back on a more than 16-year experience with the configuration and negotiating of general contractor's contracts in large-scale projects. Our practical experiences while dealing with these large-scale projects flow in completely into your contracts.
Also during the construction phase we take over the complete supplement management, negotiations management and conflict management for you.

All this happens solely with the intention to minimise the supplement demands against you respectively not to admit any supplement demands, provided that these demands are unjustified and have not been agreed by contract.

Performance overview - contract management: 
  • Assemble of the tender documents

  • Development of the contract documents in collaboration with your lawyers

  • Revision of the tender documents

  • Contract negotiation

  • Estimate chances and risks

  • Contract controlling

  • Supplement management

  • Anti-claim management

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